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Linn Kleine

Linn Lara Kleine Spitzensport Leichtathletik
Linn Lara Kleine Spitzensport Leichtathletik


  • Track and Field

Date of birth

  • 10.05.2001

Course of studies

  • Psychology

Current club

  • Eintracht Frankfurt

Cadre status

  • Perspektivkader (PK)

My way to the RUB

  • The RUB has been a plus for me in many respects. Since the beginning of my studies, I have felt comfortable and in good hands in my cohort. I am always happy to be at RUB and thus close to my home in Hamm. Even though I have now moved my centre of life and place of training to Frankfurt am Main, they tried to make everything possible so that I can continue my studies at RUB. I am very grateful for the support of my dual career; this is anything but a matter of course and distinguishes RUB as a university.

When I think about studying and top-class sport

  • I wouldn't want to do without either, because both are my great passion!
    Since I can only do top-level sport temporarily, I think a second mainstay is very important. I try to balance the physical and mental workload. Coping with this double burden requires a lot of discipline and time management, but it is quite doable (also thanks to the support of the RUB)!
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