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What is the Unifit?

The Unifit is the gym of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. It is operated by the University Sports Department. User rights can be acquired by students and employees of the RUB and their partner universities, as well as Alumni of the RUB.

Where is the Unifit located - and what is the best way to reach it?

The Unifit is located in the city center in the immediate vicinity of the main train station, on the ground floor of the "Bochumer Fenster".

The address is:
Massenbergstr. 9-13
44787 Bochum.

Located in the city center, Unifit is best reached by public transport (2 min walk to the main station) or by bike, a nextbike station is located directly at Unifit. If you come by car, there is also a parking garage nearby. Due to the city center location, only paid parking spaces are available, so that a journey via train, by bike or on foot is recommended.

Who can use the Unifit?

The offer is aimed at students and employees of the RUB and its cooperating Bochum universities (EFH Bochum, HS Bochum, HSG Bochum, EBZ Business School), as well as Alumni of the RUB.

Is training experience required?

No training experience is required. We will meet you where you are and guide you on the path to making your workout right for you. will adapt to your experience level so you can enter Unifit and train at any level. Our equipment allows for training at any level. The first step is to book a start training online.

Is a trial training possible?

Yes, in the form of the "Start Training". Here you have the opportunity to get an impression of Unifit.

Get more information about the Start Training.

Where can I book a start training and a Unifit card?

The booking is made online on the University Sports website.

Book a Start Training.

Book a Unifit card.

Do I have to complete the start training if I already have training experience?

Yes, because the start training is not primarily about imparting training knowledge, but about presenting Unifit and its possibilities. In this respect, it is equivalent to a trial training. After the Start Training you are free to move around the studio and try out everything.

What do I have to bring to the training?

Barcode (as a printout or on the smartphone) of the booking, sports clothes with sleeves and adequate leg coverage, towel, indoor shoes, drink or an empty bottle (there is free tap water at the training area for self-tapping), 1 or 2 euro piece for the locker.

"Indoor shoes" here are shoes that are only used indoors. The sole color does not matter. Under no circumstances is it allowed to enter Unifit with already dressed footwear and "walk through" directly to the training area. Barefoot training" is also excluded - suitable footwear is now available for this purpose.

Where can I lock my things?

The cloakrooms of the Unifit have a total of 340 cloakroom lockers with coin lock, suitable for 1 and 2 euro coins. There are also safe deposit boxes in the foyer for the safe storage of laptops, smartphones and valuables.

Can I also take part in the courses taking place there with the Unifit card?

No. The courses are part of the university sports programme and therefore require the booking of the course.

Can I automatically use the gym as a course participant in Unifit?

No. A valid Unifit card is required to use the fitness studio in Unifit.

Is there a drinks flatrate / TV / sauna?

The philosophy of Unifit is to focus on the core of effective fitness training - the training itself. This requires suitable equipment and effective, individual instruction. This is where we put our focus and strength. Additional elements, whose provision and management distract from the core, are not part of the Unifit philosophy. Therefore, bring your own beverage or use our complimentary tap. If entertainment media will facilitate your cardio workout, we recommend that you bring your media with you - there is a good EDUROAM connection at Unifit and all cardio equipment has appropriate storage. If you want to safely lock away your tablet afterwards, there are safe deposit boxes available in the foyer area.

Do I have to take advantage of the training support offers or can I train on my own?

The word "offer" already says it - you can accept it, but you can also simply train on your own. Our recommendation: Since even top athletes only develop their full potential with the help of a coach, look for the right coach in the Unifit team.

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