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What is the taster week? Can I try a course before I book?

Generally, you have to be registered for a course in order to participate.
However, to give you the opportunity to try out a sport you are not familiar with or to get to know a (new) instructor, there is a so-called "taster week".
The taster week takes place at the beginning of each summer or winter semester programme. During this first week of the lecture period, you can take part in most courses without being registered for the course. Whether a sport is part of the taster week or whether the sport is excluded from the taster week for safety or sport-specific reasons is indicated under the description of the respective sport. If a course does not start until after the taster week, it is not possible to have a taster session in this course. Because many courses are already fully booked after the taster week, there is always a further booking start on the Monday after the taster week, where spots held back until then are released once again for the courses that were part of the taster week.
There is no taster week in the two holiday programme periods.

How do I register for a course?

If you would like to take part in a course, simply click on the green button "book" in the booking column of the booking day table. The registration form will then open and you can enter all the necessary data (incl. name, address, matriculation number, status, telephone, e-mail, IBAN etc.).
After you have entered all the data, click on "Continue to booking", where you will once again be shown an overview. Click on "Book with payment obligation" to complete your registration. Your registration ticket will automatically appear on your screen and will also be sent to you by e-mail.
If there is no green button "book" in the column "booking", this can have different reasons:
"Waiting list": This means that the course is currently fully booked. You can find out what you can do in this case to still be able to take part in your desired course in the question below "What can I do if my preferred course is (in the meantime) fully booked?".
"From date, time": This means that the course has not yet been released for booking. At this time, the column "Booking" will automatically turn green and you can book the course.
"Expired": This course has already ended for this programme period and registration is no longer possible.
"Canceled": The course is no longer taking place and therefore registration for the course is no longer possible.

Can I also register for a course later?

In general, you can register for a course at any time, as long as there are still free spots and the course can still be booked (green field "Book" in the column "Booking" in the booking table of the course).
For some sports (especially for beginners), this is no longer possible due to the progress of the group or for safety reasons. In this case, the "Booking" field in the booking table of the course will say "No booking".

Can I cancel a course?

In general, your booking is binding, but as a gesture of goodwill we offer you the possibility to cancel your course place free of charge up to 3 working days before the first course date (by email to After that, cancellations are no longer possible. The only exception is if you become incapacitated for a longer period of time during the course (e.g. due to injury or illness). Regulations regarding reimbursement in case of sports incapacity can be found in our conditions of participation under point 5.3.

Can I participate in a course even if I am no (longer a) student or employee?

The course programme of the University Sports Department is primarily for students and employees of the Bochum universities, as well as RUB alumni. In order to ensure that the primary target group has enough time to book their preferred course, external persons can only register for the offer at a later date.
Former members of RUB (so-called alumni) can register for the course programme with the status alumni at the same time as students and employees.
All four status groups (students, employees, alumni, external persons) have different course fee levels.

How do I book if I am a student but not a student of the Bochum universities?

If you are a student at a university that is not part of the Bochum universities, you can register with the status "student of another university" under the same terms and conditions as Bochum students.

What can I do if my preferred course is (in the meantime) fully booked?

If all spots of a course are booked, a red button "Waiting list" appears in the column "Booking". If you click on this button, you can add your email address to the waiting list. If spots in the course become available again, an info email will automatically be sent to all email addresses on the waiting list with the information that there are bookable spots in the course again.
Spots may become available again if people cancel their course booking, or if the participation rate in the course has fallen so low that new spots for the course can be opened up again. We cannot say exactly when this will happen, but in the vast majority of courses, spots become available from time to time during the course.

When will the course programme for the following period be published and when can I book the courses?

The programme for the new period is always published on Monday before the start of the semester or holiday (online access). Two days later, on the Wednesday before the start of the semester or holiday, the courses can be booked (booking start). The exact times when a course can be booked are listed in the "Booking" column. In both semester programmes there is another booking start after the taster week.

How do I find out about cancellations and changes?

The period of a course is always indicated in the booking table of the course. You can find out if a course is not going to take place within this period by clicking on the period. You will then see an overview of all course dates within this period.
If a course date has to be cancelled at short notice, you will be informed by e-mail and the date will no longer be shown in the period overview in the booking table.

Where does my course take place?

The sports location of a course is always listed in the booking table of the course. If you click on the link in the "Location" column, the location and address will be displayed. In addition, you will receive further useful information about the specific sports facility.

When and how can I change a course?

Changing to another course is generally possible, but some requirements must be fulfilled (among other things, the newly selected course must still have free spots). Changing a course can therefore only be done by the University Sports Office. Please send an email with your change request (including the details of the previous and the new course) to If you simply register for the second course and then ask for cancellation of the first course, cancellation is not guaranteed.

How can I become an instructor for a course?

If you would like to help organise university sports and become an instructor, you can apply via our online application form, giving details of your qualifications and experience. The university sports staff member responsible for the sport will contact you as soon as possible and discuss everything else with you.
If you would like to know who is in charge of courses (in your sport) at the University Sports, then take a look at our "Training Supervisor Profile".

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