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Theft and damage: Who is liable in these cases?

University Sports Bochum is not liable for lost, stolen, contaminated or destroyed items. We recommend that you do not take valuable items with you to the sport, but use the lockers instead.

Programme duration: How long does the programme run? When does the next one start?

Our sports programme is semester-based. There is a programme for both the winter and summer semester. During the respective holidays, university sports also offers a sports programme from which you can choose your courses for the semester breaks. You can find out which programme is currently on offer and when you can register for the upcoming programme on our homepage.

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Eligibility: Who or what is an external?

The university sports offer is not only used by students and staff, but also (subordinate) by non-university staff, i.e. external persons. In order to ensure that external persons do not take up places from students or employees, external persons can generally register later and have to pay a higher fee.

Failures and changes: Where can I find out about them?

Should your course not take place or should something be delayed, you will be informed by us via e-mail. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you give us your e-mail address when you register.

Do you have jobs for students?

We are always looking for instructors, trainers and enhancement for our inspectors at the sports facilities.

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What is the taster week?

The taster week takes place twice a year, at the beginning of each semester (winter semester programme and summer semester programme). During this time (always the first week of the programme), you can try out a variety of sports without having to register for them. Whether you are allowed to try out a sport or not depends on the specifics of the sport and the size of the course. The indication whether a sport is part of the taster week is given under the description of the respective sport. If a sport is part of the taster week, you can go to the course date in the first week of the programme and take part without registering. If it is not part oft he taster week, you have to register for the course (even for the first course date).

If a course in a sport does not start in the first week of the programme, it is not possible to try out this course, regardless of whether the sport is part of the taster week or not. In the two holiday periods (winter semester holiday programme and summer semester holiday programme) there is generally no taster week.

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