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The gyms have been closed for almost half a year. Many have organised themselves in some form of home training. Isn't that enough in the long run?

Onlinekurse Kursraum Unifit

Secure your place now for the new online course Athletic Training Volleyball.


Die vorlesungsfreie Zeit neigt sich dem Ende zu und somit steht auch wieder ein neues Sportprogramm vor der Tür. Ab dem 31.03. ist das Sportangebot für das Sommersemester 2021 online!


The studio is empty. A small layer of dust has settled on everything. It is quiet. At some point, life comes back. Time for a little reflection.

Disofox Sportprogramm Tanzen

Get your place now for the online Discofox compact course.

Pablo Castro Villacorta Tanz Salsa

Today we introduce you to our Salsa instructor Pablo, in our "Do you already know...???" column.


Participate until 07 March and help shape the sporting restart.

Sportprogramm Teakwondo Kampfsport

Secure your place and make your weekend a fighting one.

Hip Hop News

Book your ticket now for the online compact dance course Hip Hop.

Onlinekurse Kursraum Unifit

Secure your spot now for the online compact course in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

Strong Nation Sportprogramm Zumba

"STRONG by Zumba" is now called "STRONG Nation" - it is and remains an intense, functional workout to the beat of the music.


The lecture period is coming to an end and so a new sports programme is just around the corner. The sports programme for the 2021 winter semester break will be online from 3 February!

Onlinekurse Kursraum Unifit

For all those who are not yet participants in Hochschulsport Bochum but would still like to be informed about further developments, click here to register for the newsletter.

Virtuelle Messe Univercity

Visit us and other partners of the university network "UniverCity Bochum" at the virtual fair "4Days4Future”.


If you have your good intentions firmly in mind despite the lockdown, we have just the thing for you. Get started now with the New Year's card in our online offer!

Spitzensport Steckbrief Sonja Greinacher Basketball

Basketball national team member Sonja Greinacher plays for a Polish professional club and studies clinical psychology at the RUB online.

Mitsrbeiterin und Mitarbeiter des Hochschulsports mit Sportgeräten vor dem Audimax.

The University Sports Bochum team wishes you all a happy new year.

BIldliche beispielhafte Darstellung eines Balls.
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