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There are still sports courses that can be booked and will start in the coming weeks.

DHM Leichtathletik 2024

The German University Championships Track and Field took place in Duisburg on May 9. Student athletes from all over Germany competed against each other in numerous disciplines.

DHM Badminton 2024

RUB celebrated a gold medal at this year's German University Badminton Championships.

Ruhrpott PANNA

The summer season of the Bochum University League has started. Alongside many new and long-established teams, Ruhrpott PANNA wants to defend its title.

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There are still places available in some sports. It is still possible to join now.


On Monday, 15.04., more places will be available as part of the taster week.

Ruby Breitensport

Those, who are interested in a permanent full-time position in our University Sports Team, can apply until April 14. In addition to a university degree, ideally in the field of sports management, the main requirement is a strong affinity for competitive and elite student sport.

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The summer semester program is just around the corner. Here you can find all the important information about the course program.

DHM Leichtathletik 2023

In the national competition performance ranking of the German University Sports Association (adh), the WG Bochum is in 3rd place.

Unifit Trainingsbetrieb

Aktuell ist eine Stellenausschreibung für die Leitung des Unifit Bochum, dem 3.000qm großen Kurs- und Fitnessstudio-Zentrum, veröffentlicht.

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