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Paul Dohrmann

Paul Dohrmann Spitzensport Rudern
Paul Dohrmann Spitzensport Rudern


  • Rowing

Date of birth

  • 28.05.1999

Course of studies

  • Law

Current club

  • Wurzener Rudervereinigung „Schwarz-Gelb“ e.V.

Cadre status

  • Perspektivkader (PK)

My way to the RUB

  • I originally come from Leipzig. However, since the national rowing base is in Dortmund, I moved here directly after my Abitur in 2018. The Ruhr University Bochum offered me the only opportunity to pursue my desired course of study. What seemed like a necessary evil at the beginning turned more and more into gratitude for the great support and opportunities I was able to experience here. Whether it's the sports coordinators who go out of their way for you - when you've missed a deadline in your stress ;) - or the people who made it very easy for me to start far away from home. In the meantime, I can only say that I am happy to be able to study at the RUB.

When I think about studying and top-class sport

  • I see a lot of challenges and very good time management to cope with lectures and everyday training.
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