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Rosalie Kleyboldt

Rosalie Kleyboldt Spitzensport Schwimmen
Rosalie Kleyboldt Spitzensport Schwimmen


  • Swimming

Date of birth

  • 11.01.2003

Course of studies

  • Media Science

Current club

  • SG Essen

Cadre status

  • Nachwuchskader 1 (NK1)

My way to the RUB

  • In order to have better training conditions, I moved to the national base in Essen and to the sports and dance boarding school in Essen three years ago, where I have been living and training ever since. The RUB is therefore not far away and the short distances save me a lot of time! As I always knew that I wanted to study one day and was particularly interested in the course at the RUB, it was clear to me that I wanted to study there.

When I think about studying and top-class sport

  • I associate that with a certain double burden for the time being. Nevertheless, it's important for me to have a good degree so that I have a perspective after my competitive sports career and am professionally secure. Besides, it's nice to have a mental balance in addition to sport, where you have to use your head.
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