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Ruby Homepage Steckbrief
Ruby Homepage Steckbrief


  • Room: You can find me everywhere.
  • Phone: I will get one when I am older.
  • E-Mail: Giraffes can not use a keyboard.

Function in University Sports

  • Mascot

Main tasks

  • Motivator, lucky charm at competitions, mood maker, photo model and with my long neck I keep an overview of the many sports and sports venues.

At University Sports Bochum since

  • August 2021

My stages to University Sports Bochum

  • April 2022: My induction has been completed and I have been a permanent member of the university sports team since the summer semester of 2022.
  • August 2021: Since I wanted to get to know the place where I was named, I set out on the long long journey to Bochum and became the mascot of the university sports there.
  • 2017: As a young giraffe, I was discovered in Kenya by RUB students and was named Ruby. If a giraffe is not previously listed in any database, it`s possible to be named by the discoverers.

My sports

  • All sports offered by University Sports.

What I like about my work

  • The contact with students and employees from all over the world.
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