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Always superfit: The Unifit Card "12 months"

It was available until 2019, but now it's back: the longest Unifit Card for the lowest monthly fee.

When the pandemic made it increasingly uncertain when, how and for how long gyms would be allowed to reopen, we initially discontinued the 12-month Unifit Card. It has now been back for some time. The big advantage: it is the cheapest Unifit Card on a monthly basis. € 210.00 for students equates to € 17.50 per month - this is probably quite unique. It is also worthwhile for employees (€ 245.00) and RUB alumni (€ 271.00). Like all Unifit Cards, the card expires automatically after 12 months.

The days of the upcoming Christmas closure from December 12 will be added to the term. Important to know: While the RUB will remain closed until January 7, Unifit will be allowed exclusively to reopen on January 2. The training break is therefore just 10 days.

Click here to book your Unifit Card.

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