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Digital running event with almost 200 participants

From 08th to 10th May, University Sports Bochum held a digital running event with the UNIC Run. A total of almost 200 people from 5 different universities from all over Europe took part.

University Sports Bochum and the International Office organised an international digital running event on the occasion of Europe Day on 9th May. All students, employees and alumni of the partner universities of the UNIC network Istanbul (Turkey), Zagreb (Croatia), Cork (Ireland), Oulu (Finland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Liège (Belgium), Bilbao (Spain) and Bochum were allowed to participate.

From 8th -10th May, all participants could record their 60-minute run once with a tracking app or smartwatch and upload the corresponding result in our registration software. Participants were able to contribute to the overall result individually and for their respective university with the distance they covered. The individual and team results can be viewed at the following link. In addition, each participant can download a certificate by clicking on his/her name:

Results of the UNIC Run

In the men's category, Dominic Böcker from RUB covered the greatest distance with a total of 13.52 km, while Şilan Ayyıldız from Koç University Istanbul was the most successful in the women's category with 14.55 km. In the team ranking, the Ruhr University Bochum was fortunate to come out on top with a total of 969 km. All 194 participants of the UNIC Run covered a total distance of 1660.98 km.

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