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Unifit Trainer Theresia Arndt
Theresia Arndt

Do you already know...Theresia Arndt?

Since the Unifit Re-Opening on 11th June Theresia is also back and leads start trainings for "Unifit newbies" as well as 1:1 coachings for all "returning" ones.

Theresia has been part of the Unifit team of trainers since the 2019 summer semester holidays and, thanks to her own love of fitness sports, ensures that participants are motivated and enjoy their training. Before becoming a trainer, she was already available as a receptionist at Unifit and gave every participant and interested person a smile as a welcome and finally competent advice for concerns of all kinds.
We are happy that Theresia is still part of the Unifit team after the lockdown.

Profile of Theresia

If you are interested in a 1:1 coaching with Theresia (a valid Unifit card is required), please have a look at the booking tables:

Booking tables

For all those who do not yet have a Unifit card: Simply book the start training and then book the "Unifit Card Action 10":

Book start training

Book Unifit Card

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