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Sportprogramm Rollstuhlbasketball
Sportprogramm Rollstuhlbasketball

Electric wheelchair hockey and wheelchair basketball start again!

Do you feel like playing electric wheelchair hockey and wheelchair basketball?

Electric wheelchair hockey is aimed at all sports enthusiasts who enjoy playing in a team and who need an electric wheelchair due to their disability. Inclusion is very important to us, so other wheelchair users and people without disabilities are very welcome. The first course will take place on Thursday, 09 September. Secure your place now:

Book electric wheelchair hockey

Are you a passionate basketball player and do you want to get going again? Then start playing wheelchair basketball on Friday 10 September! Whether you are dependent on a wheelchair, have to do without jumps and dunks due to an injury or simply have fun and are interested in a dynamic and intense sport, everyone is welcome in wheelchair basketball.

If you want to be part of this performance-oriented and exciting team, then you can register via the following link:

Book wheelchair basketball

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