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Quadball Team Deutsche Meisterschaft 2023

Gold at the German Quadball Championship for Ruhr Phoenix Bochum

This year's German Quadball Champion comes from Bochum!

On the first weekend in October, the athletes from Ruhr Phoenix Bochum were able to prove themselves and beat the other German teams in the games for the 2023 championship.
Most of the team members are long-time participants in quadball courses at the Bochum University Sports Centre. The Bochum team was supplemented by a handful of participants who have only been training with the university sports courses for a few months and have now experienced their first German championship with the Ruhr Phoenix.
As group winners, the Ruhr Phoenix moved on to the next round of the tournament and faced the Braunschweig Broomicorns. The Bochum team won this game in an exciting final phase with a golden goal.
This was followed by the semi-finals, in which the Berlin Bluecaps had to admit defeat to a superior game by the Bochum team.
The Braunschweig Broomicorns continued to fight their way up the other branch of the tournament tree and reached the final with a victory in the semi-final over the defending champions Rheinos Bonn, so that the match between Ruhr Phoenix Bochum and Braunschweig Broomicorns was repeated.
In the final, a very tactical game was played out in front of the curious crowd, with a beautiful catch by Bochum's Seeker setting up a clear point and thus the game and the title went to the Ruhr Phoenix.

With the new programme start of the university sports courses, there are also free places in quadball again, so it's a good opportunity to get into training.


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