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Lene Mührs

Lene Mührs Rudern
Lene Mührs Rudern


  • Rowing

Date of birth

  • 26.06.2002

Course of studies

  • Social science

Current club

  • Kettwiger Rudergesellschaft

Cadre status

  • Perspektivkader (PK)

My way to the RUB

  • As my training location is still in Essen and the Ruhr University has a very good reputation among rowers due to its sporting support, I decided to go to the RUB.

When I think about studying and top-class sport

  • First thing I think about is stress, how to get both combined, yet it is important to have a second leg to stand on besides sport. The RUB already helped me for my first exemption, as I had to travel for 4 weeks for the basic training of the Bundeswehr's top sports support group. Therefore, I think that studying and top-class sport will be compatible.
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