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Unifit Rezeption
Unifit Rezeption


From now on we will check the state of immunization + official identification document + course ticket before each check-in.

From Wednesday, 08.12.2021, the new corona protection regulation (dated 03.12.2021) provides for the constant control of immunization status in combination with a valid, official identification document (identity card, passport) before each participation of sports (Unifit and live course program).

In order to be able to continue offering the (university) sports program, the presentation of the following three documents is therefore mandatory:

  • Immunization status (Preferably digital)
  • Valid, official identification document
  • Participation ticket (course ticket or Unifit card)

Thank you for supporting control processes. This is how we stay healthy in motion together!

Bildliche beispielhafte Darstellung eines Dokuments.
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BIldliche beispielhafte Darstellung eines Balls.
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