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New offers in Unifit and Popular Sports

New courses are still starting in University Sports - and there are still places available. Unifit also offers a new format.

Among others, these courses will start in Popular Sports in the near future:

Ball sports: Volleyball
Fitness: Equipment training in the weight room
Health and relaxation: Yoga
Individual sports: Climbing
Martial arts: Self-assertion and self-defense for women
Dance: Salsa
Water sports: Stand Up Paddle Surfing

An overview of all courses with free places can be found here:

Free Places

In addition, we offer the new format "Schwerpunkt" at Unifit:
It is about learning basic exercises either from scratch or developing them further or optimizing them. Since the group size is limited to three people per unit, intensive learning under professional guidance is possible. The format is explicitly suitable for every level, no experience is required (only a Unifit card).

Click here to sign up:


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