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RUB Handball Teams compete at the European University Championships

At the EUSA Games in Poland, the RUB women's and men's teams will compete with their European counterparts.

From 25 July 2022, keep your fingers crossed for the two RUB handball teams. Both the women's and men's teams will be playing for the European university championship titles at the EUSA Games in Lodz, Poland.

A sporting forecast is difficult.

Daniel Krüger

"It is difficult to make a sporting forecast," explains Daniel Krüger from the university sports department and also coach of the men's team, "because you don't know in advance how the other teams are positioned. The fiercest competition for both teams will probably come from France, Spain, Poland and Croatia." The RUB men won the last EUSA Games in 2018 in Coimbra, Portugal. Thereafter, no EUSA Games have taken place due to Corona.

Gold Handball
Das Handballteam der RUB gewann Gold bei den EUSA-Games 2018.

According to Daniel Krüger, it remains to be seen whether the title can be defended: "Unfortunately, we had to cope with some cancellations of established players in the run-up, who were either not released by their clubs or are currently injured. This means that the team is a little weaker than in 2018, but it gives some new and young players the opportunity to play in an international tournament. If we come together quickly as a team, we can still fight for a good ranking."

We want to play good handball and have fun.

Victoria Rauhut

The situation is similar in the women's team. "The team is made up of completely new players this year, all of whom have at least Verbandsliga experience," explains player Victoria Rauhut. "The biggest challenge will be to adjust to each other's play, as many of them come from different clubs. Nevertheless, we want to play good handball and have fun doing it."

The handball teams are supported by the university sports department, which is responsible for the entire organisation and bears the majority of the costs for sending them. In addition, the RUB International Office and Autohaus Wicke are important sponsors.

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