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Ruhrpott-PANNA: Siegerfoto der Wintersaison 23/24
Das Turnier bot packende Duelle unter gleißendem Flutlicht.

Ruhrpott-PANNA wins the University Football League

Ruhrpott-Panna won the championship of the University Football League winter season 23/24 in a thrilling final.

The final of the Uni League winter season 23/24 took place last Monday.
The field of participants was bigger than ever: 16 teams had registered for this year's winter season.

The preliminary round was played over seven match days in two groups of eight. After the Christmas break, the playoffs began with the quarter-finals.
In the semi-finals, the two group winners confirmed their strong performance in the preliminary round and progressed safely to the final. Ruhrpott-PANNA defeated Spiel- und Freizeitfreunde 6:3, while 1. FC Türlich came out on top against Lokomotive StudiDorf 4:1.

This meant that the two teams that had already dominated the preliminary round met in the final.
In the final, the university league newcomers Ruhrpott-PANNA came out on top against the winners of last year's summer season, 1. FC Türlich, and were crowned champions after a 7:4 victory!

Congratulations on the championship and we look forward to exciting matches on the cup match day next Monday, 5 February.

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