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Sports program for the summer semester 2021 online!

The lecture-free period is coming to an end and thus a new sports program is just around the corner. From 31.03. the sports program for the summer semester 2021 is online!

New program period - New registration
With the summer semester program 2021 a new program period for our online offers starts, i.e. everyone has a new chance to register.
The online sports card for the new program costs 20 € for students, 25 € for staff and 32 € for externals/alumni with a duration of 15 weeks.

Wednesday, March 31: Online access
The online sports program for the summer semester 2021 is online.

Wednesday, 07. April: Booking start
The booking of the online sports card, as well as the booking of individual offers is possible. The exact times can also be viewed via the booking tables on our homepage. Online registration is initially open to all students, employees and alumni.
The booking start for externals will be on th 12th April.

Monday, April 12: Start of program
The online courses of the sports program SoSe 2021 start.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our course program and wish you a happy Eastertime. Stay healthy!

Sports program summer semester 21

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