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Calisthenics Anlage

Summer semester holiday programme 2021 is online

Calisthenics, Tricking, Salsa, Step Aerobics - the variety in the sports offer is back again!
Start of booking for all courses: Wed, 21 July
Booking start of all Unifit offers: as of now

As of today (Mon, 26.07.), the new and again varied sports programme of the University Sports Department for the summer semester holidays is online.

All Unifit offers can be booked immediately, all mass sports courses can be booked from Wed, 21.07. (from 9:00 a.m.).

With the reopening of well-known sports areas, sports such as football, badminton, salsa, trampoline, fit fight, yin yoga, futsal and many more will be back and provide moving moments in presence.

For all those who would like to continue or additionally use online offers, there is also the possibility to do so in sports such as yoga, Pilates or Fatburner.

Unifit also provides opportunities for movement and invites you to start courses and coaching sessions both on the fitness studio floor and back in the course rooms.

In organising the gradual rebuilding of a colourful sports offer, the protection of everyone's health remains the top priority.
The current low incidence levels give hope that the planned 11-week summer term holiday programme (26 July - 10 October) can take place without any major restrictions or adjustments.
There is no guarantee, so all information on possible adjustments due to incidence fluctuations can be found on the respective websites of the sports.

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