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Unifit achieves second level of "Safe Fitness Studio" certification

More safety for exercisers and employees: Unifit has now achieved the second level of certification. The foundation "Sicherheit im Sport" presented the certificate to the gym on February 20.

The safety concept for improved sports accident prevention and safe training involves all groups of people. For example, Unifit has defined its responsibilities more clearly and strengthened the safety aspect of the initial check and ongoing training support. The second stage also ensures that employees have the appropriate qualifications and skills. Emergency management has been revised and fire safety and first aid measures have been tightened up.

"We are striving to be a pioneer in Germany for the safety of university gyms," says Ines Lenze, Head of University Sports. "The work we invest is paying off. Our employees feel well trained and the many people who train here know that we pay particular attention to preventing sports accidents. "

The next step for Unifit is the third stage of the "Safe Fitness Studio" certification - and then the aim is to consolidate what has been achieved in the long term.

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