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Unifit Re-Opening 4.0

The "Re-Opening 4.0" phase has been running at Unifit since August 31. The offers have been well received and operations are running smoothly. For Unifit cardholders and interested members of the university, Unifit offers some additional services in the "Re-Opening 4.0" phase.

  1. Expansion of the equipment pool from 50 to 65 training stations
  2. Return to the usual opening hours
  3. Cool drinking water from the "Water Point" again
  4. Our free assisted trainings are back
  5. NEW in our offer for fitness studio beginners: 90-minute starting training sessions in 1:1 supervision by our team of trainers for interested people who belong to the RUB or one of the cooperating Bochum universities.
  6. NEW and only temporarily on offer: "Unifit Card 1 month (special offer)" with automatic expiration after one month

All offers must be booked online in advance.
The "Rules of Restricted Course and Training Operation" must be read and the acknowledgement must be signed in a declaration of consent before the first training. You can read both here, the signature is in the Unifit.

In order to avoid further waiting times at the check-in and to enable a relaxed training, 90-minute training times for the individual, free training must be booked in advance, as before.

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