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DHM Leichtathletik 2023
DHM Leichtathletik 2023

WG Bochum in 3rd place in the adh performance ranking 2023

In the national competition performance ranking of the German University Sports Association (adh), the WG Bochum is in 3rd place.

Only the first three places in each of the various German University Championships are included in the performance ranking. Depending on the discipline and sport, different scores are assigned to the placings. There are therefore more points for a podium finish in a team competition than for a medal in an individual sport.

With a large lead, the WG Cologne clearly set itself apart from the other universities and became the leader of the 2023 performance ranking. There was a neck-and-neck race for the other two podium places, in which the WG Karlsruhe finished just one point ahead of the WG Bochum.

Here is an overview of the top 10 performance rankings:

  • 1. WG Cologne (540 points)
  • 2. WG Karlsruhe (230 points)
  • 3. WG Bochum (229 points)
  • 4. WG Munich (221 points)
  • 5. WG Heidelberg (144 points)
  • 6. WG Freiburg (140 points)
  • 7. WG Münster (134 points)
  • 8. WG Erlangen-Nuremberg (126 points)
  • 9. WG Hanover (124 points)
  • 10. University of Leipzig (102 points)
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