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Lacrosse 1
Lacrosse 1

Which university plays the best lacrosse?

This weekend, the adh-Open lacrosse will take place in Bochum.

Which university is best at the trendy sport of lacrosse? That will be determined from 24 to 26 June 2022 at the sports facility of the RUB Faculty of Sports Science and on the sports field on Glücksburger Straße. Sixteen men's and 16 women's teams from German universities will take part in the tournament, which is organised by the University Sports Bochum. The so-called adh-Open of the German University Sports Association (adh) are equivalent to national university championships. The RUB is sending both a women's and a men's team into the race. Altogether, University Sports Bochum expects up to 350 participants from universities all over Germany. In addition to the sporting competitions, there will be a colourful supporting programme for the players.

Match schedule

Lacrosse is a team sport in which, depending on the format of the game, up to ten players per team have to use so-called sticks with a net attached to the end of the stick to pass the ball into the goal. The ball may only be carried across the pitch with the sticks or passed to each other. Anyone who would like to play lacrosse in Bochum can register for the university sports course.

University Sports Lacrosse Course

Teaser adh-Open Lacrosse 2022

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