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adh Hochschullauf 2021

On 20 September, the German University Sports Association (adh) will be looking for the university city with the best runners in Germany.

Does Bochum have what it takes to be the university location in Germany with the best runners? University Sports Bochum is calling on all RUB members to put on their running shoes on 20 September 2021. On this day, which is also the International Day of University Sports, the German University Sports Association (adh) organises a competition:

Information about adh Hochschullauf 2021

All interested people throughout Germany are invited to tie their running shoes and walk as many kilometres as possible within 60 minutes between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. It does not matter whether the full hour is used. The important thing is to get moving and to collect kilometres for your own university location. Your own result must be recorded via Smartwatch or App (tracking app or running app). Afterwards, the results including a screenshot must be uploaded. Click here to go directly to the registration:

Registration for adh Hochschullauf 2021

Besides attractive prizes for those who cover the greatest distance in 60 minutes, there is also a reward for the most active university. In addition, numerous other prizes await those participants who climb the most vertical metres during their lesson.

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