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Gewinner der Uni-Liga 22/23

BFC won the Uni League

In a contested final, BFC claimed the championship of the Uni League winter season 22/23.

Last Monday, the finals of the Uni League winter season 22/23 took place. In the run-up to the finals, all teams played against each other to secure their place in the playoffs. There was a reunion with some old hands of the Uni League history, but also some newcomers were there for the first time.
In the last match on Monday, BFC and Stiftung Wadentest faced each other. The tension was palpable on both sides in this hard-fought match. While Stiftung Wadentest started the game as favourites, without losing any points in the preliminary round, BFC started the final as underdogs who were in fifth place after the preliminary round. In the playoffs, however, BFC's winning mentality has already shown after they first beat Glashoch Rangers and then Spiel- und Freizeit Freunde Bochum.
On Monday, they were especially able to take their chances more coldly. Thus, there was a penalty kick on both sides. While BFC converted their penalty kick safely, Stiftung Wadentest just missed the keeper. In the end, Stiftung Wadentest threw everything forward again and even the keeper rushed forward for a corner. Unfortunately, it didn't help, because BFC was able to score the final 4:2 into the empty goal and crown themselves champions.

Congratulations on the championship and we are looking forward to the next season in the summer.

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