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Lydia Schneider Reuter
Lydia Schneider Reuter

Do you know... Lydia Schneider-Reuter?

Since the start of the summer semester 2021 Lydia joined the coaching team and leads in Unifit start trainings for "Unifit newbies" as well as 1:1 coachings for all motivated participants.

Lydia brings a lot of experience to us, she already worked in Hamburg for the university sports, is herself active in weightlifting triathlon and highly motivated to make our participants "stronger" as well.

We are happy to have additional female power on the training floor and welcome Lydia to the Unifit team!

Profile Lydia

If you are interested in a 1:1 coaching with Lydia (prerequisite is a valid Unifit card), please have a look at the booking tables:

Booking table

For those who do not have a Unifit card yet: Just book Starttraining and afterwards book the "Unifit card action 10":


Unifit Card

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