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European Universities Championships

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) now organises European Universities Championships in 20 different sports.

EUC-EUG 2018
EUC-EUG 2018


There are two types of european title competitions.

  • European University Games (EUSA Games) always take place in even numbered years. This is a large multi-sport event holding all the competitions in the different sports at the same time and in the same place, like the Olympic Games.
  • In the odd-numbered years, the European University Championships in the various sports are held independently of each other at different locations as European Universities Championships (EUC).


The qualification of the university teams and individual starters takes place at the national university championships (DHM) of the respective sport. In most cases, winners and winning teams qualify for participation in the european competitions of the following year. If this is the case, they will be supported organisationally and financially by University Sports Bochum.

Further information on the European Universities Championships can be found on the website of the German University Sports Association (adh).

Information on the EUC/EUSA Games

Hall of Fame

The RUB in european university competitions of the last years:

2019 - EUC

EUC-EUG 2019
EUC Rudern 2019

Medals won

  • Gold - Rowing Lightweight Two (LM2-) Men
  • Gold - Rowing One (1x) Women (Constanze Duell)

2018 - EUSA Games in Coimbra (Portugal)

EUC-EUG 2018
EUC-EUG 2018

Medals won

  • Gold - Handball Men
  • Gold - Rowing (1x) Women (Constanze Duell)

2017 - EUC

EUC-EUG 2017
EUC-EUG 2017

Medals won

  • Silver - Judo -81 kg Men (Stefan Oldenburg)
  • Silver - Karate +84 kg Men (Artur Hanser)

2016 - EUSA Games in Zagreb/Rijeka (Croatia)

EUC-EUG 2016
EUC-EUG 2016

Alle Erfolge

  • Gold - Swimming 50m Breaststroke Women (Alice Ruhnau)
  • Gold - Swimming 100m Breaststroke Womenn (Alice Ruhnau)
  • Gold - Swimming 200m Freestyle Women (Alina Weber)
  • Silver - Football Men
  • Silver - Swimming 50m Breaststroke Women (Michelle Lambert)
  • Silver - Swimming 100m Breaststroke Women (Michelle Lambert)
  • Silver - Swimming 4x50m Freestyle Women
  • Bronze - Swimming 200m Freestyle Women (Denise Gruhn)
  • Bronze - Judo -81 kg Men (Stefan Oldenburg)
  • Bronze - Taekwondo +73 kg Women (Natalie Urban)

2015 - EUC

EUC-EUG 2015
EUC-EUG 2015

Medals won

  • Gold - Football Men
  • Gold - Rowing Coxless Two (M2-) Men
  • Silver - Judo -70 kg Women (Miriam Dunkel)
  • Bronze - Judo -57 kg Women (Sina Felske)

2014 - EUSA Games in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

EUC-EUG 2014
EUC-EUG 2014

Medals won

  • Silver - Basketball Women
  • Bronze - Table Tennis Team Men
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