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Sportprogramm Lacrosse Kunstrasenplatz
Sportprogramm Lacrosse Kunstrasenplatz

Free course places

Book your balance to successful work and study, because exercise keeps your mind and body fit.

The following courses can still be booked:

  • Discofox Mix A and fA-F
    The musical regular at every party: Discofox, one of the best known and easiest to learn dances.

  • Forró fA und F
    Forro is easy to learn as a couple dance and can be danced slowly or quickly. Its step sequences leave a lot of room for creativity.

  • Hip Hop compact course F (11.-12.09.)
    Challenging choreographies will be rehearsed, which will be danced and trained in line-ups.

  • Flag Football
    Flag football is the most popular non-contact version of American football.

  • Hockey
    Hockey is a ball game played with field hockey sticks on artificial turf.

  • Lacrosse
    Lacrosse is a dynamic and very fast sport that can be described as a mixture of ice hockey, basketball and handball.

  • Primal Moves
    Primal Moves is based on the intuitive movement patterns that we can copy from the animal world.

  • Fit Mix
    Fit Mix is for anyone who enjoys a varied, full-body workout.

  • Pilates (start on September 1, 2021)
    Pilates, the successful mix of ballet, yoga and acrobatics, offers systematic body styling.

  • Yin Yoga
    Yoga makes the body strong and flexible, promotes health and vitality, and adds lightness to life.

  • Online-Angebote
    During the summer semester vacation period you again have the possibility to use our online offers flexibly and comfortably from home.
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