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Sportprogramm Teakwondo Kampfsport

Indoor offerings: Who is considered "boosted"

The Corona Protection Ordinance, effective Jan. 16, 2022, contains amended definitions about who is „boostered“.

For participation in indoor offers, 2G+ continues to apply. A current rapid test or PCR test can be waived by anyone who is considered "boosted" or equivalently immunized as defined by the regulation.

This is the case if you meet one of the following conditions:

1. Your certificate shows "immunization 3 of 3". According to the regulation, this applies to all vaccines recognized by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, including Johnson & Johnson.

2. You have been vaccinated and recovered at least 1x. The order is irrelevant. It is important that you show a recognized proof for both.

3. Your certificate shows "vaccination 2 of 2" and your second vaccination was more than 14 and less than 90 days ago.

4. You have recovered and your PCR test is more than 27 and less than 90 days ago.

All other participants must still bring a test certificate for the time being.

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