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It's starting again. The university sports programme is starting with attendance programmes.

Unifit may open its doors again and the restart for the course programme in attendance is also imminent.

The city of Bochum has reached incidence level 2. This is associated with relaxations that also affect university sports.

Re-Opening Unifit
Unifit reopens its doors as early as 11 June. A special reopening offer is intended to make it easier to (re)start fitness training. In compliance with the "Rules in restricted course and training operations due to Covid-19" and currently still a negative certificate (vaccinated, recovered or tested), the motto is therefore as of now:
Finally get back on the equipment!
If the incidence level I (city of Bochum and state of NRW) is reached, negative testing is no longer necessary.

Restart course programme
Sport on site is also possible again for the course programme. The course programme will therefore start on 21 June with face-to-face courses. For the remaining weeks of the summer semester (until 25 July), outdoor courses will be offered in a number of sports. In addition to fitness and health courses, some sports will also start where the minimum distance (1.5m) cannot be maintained permanently (contact sports). The prerequisite for this, however, is that Bochum continues to be at least in incidence level 2.
Of course, the "Rules in restricted course and training operations due to Covid-19" also apply to courses.
For contact sports, negative proof (recovered, vaccinated, tested) must also be provided until incidence level 1 is reached (city of Bochum and state of NRW).

Rules in restricted course and training operations due to Covid-19

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