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Rudern EM 2020 Spitzensport Deutschlandachter
Rudern EM 2020 Spitzensport Deutschlandachter

Medals for RUB students at the European Rowing Championships

A total of 6 RUB students won medals at the European Rowing Championships in the Polish city of Posen.

From 9th to 11th of October the European Rowing Championships 2020 were held. The men's eight continued its winning streak in international competitions and won the final race in a superior manner ahead of Romania and the Netherlands. The RUB students Johannes Weißenfeld, Jakob Schneider, Malte Jakschik and coxswain Martin Sauer were also on board.

The German women's eighth only was beaten by the strong Romanian team in the final, but surprisingly left the boat from the Netherlands behind them and thus won silver. One of the new European vice-champions is coxswain Larina Hillemann, who is studying psychology at the RUB.

Another silver medal went to RUB student Cosima Clotten. She sat in the German lightweight double-four. In the final, the boat only had to admit defeat to the Italians.

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