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Opening of the Calisthenics facility

On 21 July, University Sports Bochum opened its brand new calisthenics facility. It can now be used for courses and individual training.

Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Sportstätte Team Hochschulsport
Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Sportstätte Team Hochschulsport

It was about two years ago that Ines Lenze and Christian Sendes from University Sports Bochum took part in a lottery at a conference of the German University Sports Association (adh). You never win anything there anyway! But this time it was different. They won, and then they won the main prize. Together with the company Playfit, the adh auctioned off an outdoor calisthenics facility.

A lot of time has passed since then. Due to building regulations, the generally complicated construction site situation on the RUB campus and, of course, the Corona pandemic, the construction of the new facility was unfortunately delayed again and again. At this point, we would like to thank the Playfit company once again for their patience and willingness to cooperate.

Finally, an absolutely suitable location was found for the placement of the facility. In cooperation with the "Stiftung Sicherheit im Sport" (Foundation for Safety in Sport), a concept was developed to ensure that the facility meets all safety requirements. Thus, the risk of injury for all users of the new facility is considerably reduced.

We especially want to encourage those to take part in sports who otherwise tend to exercise less!

Mansour Nader (Marketing Director Playfit)

Present at the opening ceremony were mainly those guests who had supported the university sports department in the construction of the facility. These included Mansour Nader from the Playfit company, Dr. Robert Grosche as Permanent Representative of the Chancellor responsible for Construction and Facility Management, Sabrina Gorks and Lisa Schiemenz (Stiftung Sicherheit im Sport), as well as Oliver Basu Mallick from the RUB Fundraising Office. Also present were Dr Martina Hoffmann (Head of Dezernat 2) and Christoph Edeler (adh Board Member).

Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Gäste
Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Gäste

The new calisthenics facility is located in the green strip in front of the GC building directly on campus, so that students and staff can easily take a short exercise session between lectures or during breaks. There was also a short training demonstration at the opening ceremony, led by Kristin Pieper, staff member of University Sports Bochum.

Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Training Kristin
Eröffnung Calisthenics Anlage Training Kristin

But what exactly is calisthenics? We'll tell you...

Shimmying, propping, swinging and sweating in the fresh air - you'll experience all of this during Calisthenics outdoor training. Calisthenics is training with your own body weight with the help of gymnastic and gymnastic elements. Strength exercises and static holding exercises are used to create an aesthetic overall image of the body. Due to its creative and natural way of application, Calisthenics can be performed almost everywhere and thus enables an absolutely independent training system that does not require a fitness studio. If we have aroused your interest and you feel like trying out our new facility, you can either do it by yourself or book one of our Calisthenics outdoor courses:

University sports Calisthenics courses

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