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Registration for university sports

Registering for the university sports programme is easy: Usually, you first book the sports card online. With this "admission ticket“, you may register for the complete course programme at the respective conditions.

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Programme and sports card

There are two programmes per semester: The semester programme during the lecture period and the holiday programme. A prerequisite for participation in all regular courses is the sports card, which is available in two versions:

The regular sports card is valid for the entire semester (lecture programme and holiday programme), the reduced-price sports card holiday is only valid for the holiday programme.


Who may participate?

The university sports activities are primarily aimed at students and employees of the RUB and cooperating Bochum universities as well as RUB graduates (Alumni).

External persons, i.e. people who do not belong to the university, may therefore only take part in courses in which there are still places left to fill - and may therefore only register later.

How much does participation cost?

This also depends on the status: For the sports card and all "sports card-free" offers as well there are three different fee categories for the different status groups:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Alumni und externals

The respective fees are listed directly with the offers or the sports card.

Can I also take a quick look at courses? (Check out week)

In the first week of each semester programme, you may have a quick look at our courses as part of our check out week. You may take part in (almost) all courses without obligation and without registration.

  • After this week no more "try-out" is possible.
  • On the monday after the trial week, an additional contingent of course places will be activated for those who have peeked in and now wish to register fully. Therefore, you still have the possibility to register for these courses.
  • For some sports, there is no check out possible for insurance or organisational reasons. You will find information on this in the respective course description.
  • 'Check out will only be possible for courses starting in the first week of the programme, not for courses starting later.
  • There is generally no check out week for the holiday programme.

Due to the current situation a check out week can not be offered.

When can I book courses?

Our sports programme starts with the beginning of the lectures or with the first day of the semester break. Booking starts' on the wednesday before.

On our homepage, you can find out in time when exactly the upcoming programme goes online and when the booking starts.

For some courses, it will still be possible to register even if the particular class is already running.

For which courses do I have to register?

Registration is required for all courses, including those that are free of charge. This is the only way we can guarantee a high quality of service and avoid overcrowding. Therefore, the general rule is: No participation without registration.

Only Exception: Our Fitness Card. With a single booking you may flexibly participate in our nearly 20 fitness sports.

Due to the current situation we do not offer the fitness card.

The registration process

1. Book a sports card

For all courses offered by university sports, you first need the sports card, which you can also book via the sports course offer.

Book a sports card

From this excluding the Unifit card and the Unifit start courses.

2. Select and book sport courses

There are both free and fee-based courses. For both variants, you must register online.

You can use the following filter options to find out which offers suit you best:

  • the filterable course searches
  • the offer from A-Z
  • the offer according to sports areas
  • the rfree spaces search (if the courses have already started)

If a course is fully booked, you have the possibility to register on the waiting list. As soon as places become available again, you will be informed automatically. You will not be moved up automatically but must actively register.

3. Enjoy your training!

Should a course not take place or be delayed, we will inform you via e-mail.

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