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DHM Basketball 2023
DHM Basketball 2023

RUB women's basketball players take bronze at DHM 2023

Last weekend, the RUB women's basketball team competed in the final round of the German University Championships in Heidelberg. They were able to secure third place.

In addition to the Bochum team, the TU Berlin, WG Munich, WG Freiburg, last year's champion Uni Marburg and the host WG Heidelberg qualified for the final round. The teams from Munich and Marburg withdrew at short notice, so the final round was played in a four-team tournament as last year. The tournament was played in "everyone against everyone" mode. Bochum had the biggest problem at the beginning of the tournament. In the first game, they met the favourites from Freiburg. The Freiburg team made clever use of their size advantage and scored at a high percentage from the outside. This enabled them to quickly pull away to ten points (23:13 after the first quarter). In the further course of the game, Bochum was better able to compensate for their physical inferiority through some defensive changes and also repeatedly set good offensive accents. As a result, the second half was much closer than the first (34:28). In the end, Freiburg deservedly won the game 77:57.

Less than 15 minutes later, the RUB ladies were back on the court to face WG Heidelberg. The Bochum women were able to maintain their defensive performance from the first game, but offensively they found the game very sluggish. They managed to hold Heidelberg to 30 points in the first half, but only scored 13 themselves. The course of the game did not change much in the second half either. The Bochum girls had to wait six minutes for their first basket. Only in the last quarter did they manage to keep Heidelberg under ten points and score in double figures (10:8). However, this did not change the outcome of the game. So WG Bochum had to admit defeat in the second game as well with 55:28.

The third and last game for the Bochum girls was against Berlin, who were also winless until then. Thus, this game was about bronze, while Heidelberg and Freiburg faced each other with two wins each in the fight for the championship. Despite the two defeats, Bochum went into the small final as favourites. In terms of play, the ladies from the Ruhr area were superior to TU Berlin and were able to use this to their advantage. Although they had less tempo than in the previous games, Bochum were able to win with more successful throws. With a score of 46:23, Bochum took third place and improved their ranking by one place compared to the previous year.

In the final, the favourites Freiburg beat the hosts from Heidelberg in an exciting match. We would like to thank the WG Heidelberg for the organisation and smooth running of the tournament and congratulate all participating teams on a great final round.

(Report: Lisa Kullik)

For the WG Bochum played:

Jordis Schlüter, Lena Hochhaus, Emma Neuhaus, Hannah Tüchthüsen, Kim Luisa Franze, Nicola Vetter, Gina Wilke, Marie Anderheide, Greta Laerbusch, Louisa Lipski, Lotta Morsbach.


Lisa Kullik und Laura Barroso Perez

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