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Linn Kleine Silber WUC Crosslauf 2022
Linn Kleine Silber WUC Crosslauf 2022

Silver medal for Linn Kleine at the WUC Cross Country

RUB student Linn Kleine won the silver medal with the women's team at the WUC Cross Country last weekend.

This year's Cross Country World University Championships (WUC) were held in the Portuguese city of Aveiro. A total of 5 laps had to be completed on a 2 km circuit. The weather conditions were absolutely appropriate for a cross-country event. The demanding course was run in rain and stormy weather.

Linn Kleine, a student from Bochum, finished in a good 10th place in the individual classification. In the team classification, the German women's team won the silver medal. Besides Kleine in 10th place, Celine Kaiser (University of Freiburg) came in a strong fourth and Selma Benfares (Saarland University) in eleventh place. Kim Bödi (University of Stuttgart) and Kerstin Schulze Kalthoff (University of Münster) also competed.

I am very satisfied with 10th place. I already knew some of my opponents from other international championships and therefore knew about their strength. That's why I mainly looked at the team performance and motivated myself with that. I wanted to give everything for the team! When I heard at the finish line that it was enough for silver, my joy was enormous. My first international medal! I will never forget the joy in the team and the subsequent award ceremony!

Linn Kleine

The day before there was another highlight for Kleine. At the opening ceremony, she was allowed to run in for the German team as a flag bearer with the German flag. All in all, the RUB student can look back on an unforgettable and very successful weekend.

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