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Six medals for the RUB

In the pole vault alone the Bochum students won gold twice. The fastest student in Germany also comes from Bochum.

Since February 12, 2020, Philipp Trutenat can call himself the fastest student in Germany. At the German Indoor Athletics University Championships in Frankfurt, the athlete from the Bochum Competition Association won gold over 60 metres. Shortly afterwards the sprinter from Wattenscheid also ran the 200-metre course and won silver. With this he won two of the total of six Bochum medals.

The pole vault competitions were particularly enjoyable: RUB student Anne Berger won gold in the women's event and RUB student Constantin Rutsch did the same in the men's. Another gold medal for Bochum was won by Hanna Meinikmann in shot put. Running specialist Nils Voigt ensured a successful end to the day, winning the bronze medal in the 3000-metre run. Thus the WG Bochum won a total of four gold medals as well as one silver and one bronze medal each.

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