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The Unifit is open again

How university sport respects the Corona regulations and allows many people two free training weeks.

After an interruption of just under three months, University Sports Bochum is now resuming operations. The Unifit gym in the "Bochumer Fenster", which will be reopening on 8 June 2020, will start with an expected two-week re-opening phase free of charge.
The visit is free of charge for all those who already have a Unifit card. This card will continue to be set to "paused" during the two weeks, and the validity period will be extended automatically. Also invited are all members of Bochum's universities who have a sports card for the winter semester 2019/2020 or the following holiday programme.
"First of all, we release the training area for individual training. We will include supervised offers such as scheduled training sessions or courses at the Tower in our programme again at a later date", explains Unifit director Stefan Bertling. In order to control the number of trainers allowed, interested parties must book a 90-minute training session online in advance. The link to the booking will be sent by e-mail by the university sports team to all those who have a Unifit card or, as members of a Bochum university, a sports card. This also contains all further information about the special features and rules of conduct in the training.
"For us, the first priority was to create the best training conditions for our participants in the long term. Our claim as a university gym is also to guarantee responsible restarting beyond the minimum standards for hygiene and infection protection," explains Ines Lenze, head of university sports. "That's why it took a little longer with us. In return, we now guarantee visitors training without waiting times at the entrance and with sufficient space and time for a varied, health-promoting training session".

It would be great if many people accepted our invitation!

Ines Lenze

During the second week, Ines Lenze and the university sports team will decide how to proceed. "Our goal is that we will then be able to offer our gym courses, which are run by qualified trainers, to all interested university members again," says Ines Lenze. "It would be great if many people would accept our invitation and discover the positive effects of training in a Unifit for themselves in the long term".

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