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Maskottchen Ruby Calisthenics Anlage
Maskottchen Ruby Calisthenics Anlage

Do you already know...Ruby?

From now on, the university sports team will be supported by Ruby the giraffe. We would like to introduce you to our new mascot.

Last Wednesday, there were two premieres for University Sports Bochum. Firstly, the new calisthenics facility was opened during a small inauguration ceremony. You can find the report here:

Opening of the calisthenics facility

At the end of the event, however, there was a surprise for those present. The new university sports mascot "Ruby" was presented to the public. Daniel Krüger from the university sports team, who was mainly responsible for the development and introduction, presented the new mascot to the guests.

Ruby Maskottchen Calisthenics Daniel Krüger
Ruby Maskottchen Calisthenics Daniel Krüger

Of course, there is also a nice story about why university sports chose a giraffe named Ruby. In 2017, students from the Ruhr University made a very special discovery during a research trip in Kenya. They identified a young giraffe that was not yet listed in the existing databases. This gave the students the right to name it. In reference to the RUB, they named the giraffe "Ruby".

In the future, the new mascot will accompany university sports in many different ways. Whether as a good luck charm for the RUB athletes at competitions or as a mood maker and photo motif at events. We already have lots of ideas about where Ruby will be used in the future. Let us surprise you...

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