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National University Championships

At national competition events, university sports supports the participants with many benefits and services. Title winners of university championships at national level even qualify for European University Championships (EUSA Games or EUC).

The German University Sports Association (adh) offers various competition formats:

The German University Championships (DHM) are the national tournament awarding the title of German University Champion. The title winners then have the opportunity to represent Germany and their own university in European Universities Championships of the following year.

In fun and trend sports adh-Open and adh-Trophy are held as national competition events. These sports do not (yet) belong to the official canon of adh. Here, fun and the cooperation with one's own team as well as getting to know other students are in the foreground.

Here you can find all the competitions of the adh:

adh competition calendar

Services of University Sports Bochum

University Sports Bochum offers all participants of German University Championships the following services and benefits:

  • 100 percent assumption of the entry fee - regardless of the amount
  • Free provision of up to two university sports vehicles or RUB vehicles for the journey to the championships if the participants pay for their fuel
  • Partial subsidies for fuel costs when using a private vehicle
  • Free provision of jerseys for team competitions
  • Subsidies for accommodation or meals (depending on the event and the offer of the organizer)
  • Support in organisation and planning
  • Public relations and detailed reporting

Further information can be found in our guidelines.


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